How to string a Guitar

Do it yourself! Read here how to string a guitar wiht step-by-step instructions:

1. What do you need to string a guitar?

First of all of course your guitar and a place where you have a table or some plattform to lie the guitar on.

how to string a guitar


You need the following tools:

1. A wire cutter (Buy here)

2. A Tuning Peg Spinner 

3. Guitar Strings (Buy here)

4. A Guitar Tuner (Buy here)

how to string a guitar



And of course new Guitar Strings. Read more which guitar strings suit best for you here and here.


Step 1 on “how to string a guitar”

Start by loosing all of the old strings.  Therefore you have to loosen the strings from the right to the left of you guitar. Then you can loose all guitar strings step-by-step.

The easiest way you can do that is with a winder like you see in the picture, it’s really comfortable with it. It is a really good investment and you can get them here.


how to string a guitar



Step 2  on “how to string a guitar”

The next step is to remove the bridge pins on your guitar. For that you need a wire cutter (Buy here) to grab the bridge pins easily. Please do this step very carefully because the pins break very easy and they are quite expensive. (If one bridge pin breaks you can buy new ones here…)

Push down the handles of the wire cutter and raise the pegs up and get the out of the whole. At the same time remove the old guitar strings from the guitar.

Expert Tip: In the string winder, you might probably find a notch in the end that you can use to pull out the bridge pins and avoid breaking them!


how to string a guitar

Step 3 on “how to string a guitar”

In this step you should clean your guitar a bit. There will be a lot of dust in the holes so please clean them now. Check out these guitar cleaner to clean your guitar in the best way.

how to string a guitar

Step 4 on “how to string a guitar”

Now it is getting interesting. Prepare your new bought guitar strings and place them in the right order. Normally the guitar string package has an instruction on the colour and size.

Please arrange the guitar strings from largest to smallest .

Our preferred Acoustic Guitar Strings are the D’Addario’s you can find in this test here.

how to string a guitar


Step 5 on “how to string a guitar”

 Step 5 is the main part of stringing your guitar. Start with the closest string to the farthest, so sting number 6 to 1, or low E to high e, largest to smallest.
Start to insert the end with the metal ring into the closest hole (of the bridge pin). Then insert it so that the groove in the bridge pin faces towards the headstock.

how to string a guitar


Push down the Bridge Pin into the hole and push the string underneath and pull the guitar string a bit up.



how to string a guitar


Step 6 on “how to string a guitar”

In the end you just have to tune your guitar with a guitar tuner like the korg one. I hope you enjoyed our Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to string a guitar.

how to string a guitar


Here is a great video on how to string a guitar, check it out:


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