Guitar String – What you have to know

The Guitar String is the most important part of a guitar. Playing the guitar is all about giving good vibes to the audience. The guitar player vibrates strings to generate tones. Which tone is produced differs on the vibration of the guitar string.

Choosing the right and best guitar string can increase your sound experience and your vibes a lot.

A guitar string is a vibrating element which creates the sound of your guitar. Guitar Strings are made in different length and material. These so called wrap wires can make a difference in the sound of your guitar. Which Guitar String suites best to your guitar is explained in this post. 

Guitar Strings

The main function of guitar strings is to hold the guitar under tension so that the strings can vibrate freely but controllably. Every Guitar String is made of one main material like e.g. nylon.

There are 3 types Wound Guitar Strings:

1. Roundwound Guitar Strings:

Roundwound are the simplest guitar strings which have a round wire wrapped in a tight spiral around a round.  These kind of guitar strings are very easy to manufacture and are not so expansive. On the other way these kind of strings can cause a froggy sound when the guitar players fingers slide over the strings (can also sound very creative and unique).


Roundwound strings are also easy to damage and brake very easy.

2. Flatwound Guitar Strings:

Flatwound Guitar Strings have either a round or a hex core in their strings. The winding wire has a rounded square cross-section that has a shallower profile.  Flatwound Guitar Strings are mostly more comfortable to play. They also not so easy to break so you have a longer lifetime because of less dirt and oil to build up on them.


Unfortunately a flatwound guitar string sounds less bright and tend to be harder to camber. These kind of guitar strings have a small demand so the costs are quite high.

3. Halfwound Guitar Strings:

Halfwound Guitar Strings also called ground wound strings or pressure wound strings. They are in the middle of Roundwound and Flatwound so they are exactly a cross of both strings. Such strings are usually made by winding round wire around a round or hex core first, then polishing and in the end grinding. The grinding process is why they called ground wound strings.  This kind of guitar strings resulting in a flat very comfortable player feeling with less squeaking.


The brightness of halfwound guitar strings are mostly between the other ones. They are the most expansive strings of these 3 kinds.

Here is a great video on how guitar strings are produced:

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