Guitar String Order – What you have to consider !

Read here what you have to consider when you prepare your guitar string order:

1. Which type of guitar to do you play?

First of all, when you decide for your Guitar String Order, you have to know which type of guitar you are playing on. Do you play with an acoustic Guitar? Then you need Acoustic Guitar Strings. Do you play with a classic guitar? Then you need Classical Guitar Strings.

You have an electric guitar? Then Electric Guitar Strings are the right ones for you.  Nevertheless there are also Bass Guitar Strings for? Bass Guitars of course. For all Guitar Types there are Strings for your Guitar String Order.

2. Which type of acoustic should your Guitar String has?

Yes when you make your Guitar String Order you should also thing about the acoustic, tone, melody you want your Guitar String to play.

There are a lot of different Guitar Strings with different Tone Characteristics, e.g. Martin Guitar Strings sound different than D’addario Guitar Strings.

We created a TOP 5 of Acoustic Guitar Strings to help you understand the differences in acoustic.

More Acoustic Reviews you can find in our D”Addario Review.

So decide first which Sound Profile your Guitar Strings should have before you finish your Guitar String Order.

3. Which material should your Guitar String consist of?

That is a good question! There are different Guitar Strings with different materials out there. Most used are Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze.

To get a basic understanding about Guitar Strings you should read our Article Guitar Strings – What you have to know.

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4. Price

The price is an important factor for your Guitar String Order. The price ranges from 5 to 20 $ for Guitar Strings.  We compared the best Guitar Strings and wrote a nice overview in our TOP 5 Guitar Strings.

5. Your feeling

In the end when you finish your Guitar String Order you just have to hear on your feeling. Did you have the Guitar Strings before? Did they feel good? Playing the Guitar is all about feeling and swag. Get out there and play your Guitar!