How to choose the right Guitar Strings

How to choose the right guitar strings for your guitar? In the previous articles we explained what different guitar strings are out there. Read here how you choose the right guitar string for your type of guitar and your music style.

To answer the question “how to choose the right guitar strings” you have to answer the following two questions for yourself:


  1. What kind of guitar do you have?
  2. What kind of music do you want to play with your guitar?


A) How to choose acoustic guitar strings?

Great, you have an acoustic guitar. Now you have to determine if your guitar needs steel guitar strings or nylon strings.  Nylon strings mostly have a more soft, mellow tone and you will mostly choose them when you play classical guitar.

The most important part of the acoustic guitar string is the wrap wire which rounds the core of your guitar string. The acoustic of each guitar and guitar string will vary a bit, but you will most likely choose one of these two wrap wire materials:

  • Either you should choose a 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar String which offer a bright tone, true brass than Phospor bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Or you should choose a Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String which offers a bright, rich and warmer tone than the 80/20 strings.


In our TOP 5 Acoustic Guitar String Review you will find the best suitable guitar string for your guitar.


B) How to choose electric guitar strings?

For Electric Guitar Strings the manufacture standard are nickel wound strings. Again here is the wrap wire the difference between the acoustic and tones of our guitar.

Electric Guitar Strings are available in these 3 different materials:

  • Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings which offer a bright tone with excellent intonation. It cointains of 8% nickel in the wrap wire. Nickel Strings are the mainstream for electric guitars.
  • Pure Nickel Guitar Strings which offer a bright warm and vintage acoustic. This kind of guitar string is great for classic rock or blues due to it unique sound.
  • Steel Electric Guitar Strings offer very powerful precise lows and compared to the other strings the brightest and most magnetic electric guitar acoustic.

The profile of the wrap wire also effects tone and feel with:

  • Round wound being the brightest and roughest
  • Half round being warmer and smoother
  • Flat wound being the most mellow and smoothest.


C) How to choose bass guitar strings?

One of the biggest factors in the sound of bass guitar strings is the wrap wire. This wire is wrapped around a core wire to provide deeper and more sustained mid-range and bass tones for your bass guitar. While tone will vary slightly in each guitar’s pickup, here are general characteristics of different wrap wire materials:

There are 3 different bass guitar strings:

  • Steel Electric Bas Guitar strings which have detailed highs with tight, powerful lows. These are mostly the brightest and most magnetic strings.
  • Nickel Bass Strings which offer a bright tone and they are great for magnetic pickups and a wide range of playing styles
  • Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings which have the same acoustic like acoustic guitar strings.


Finally here is  a great video which explains “how to choose the right guitar string” 


Your Turn

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