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Best Guitar Amp Cord Comparison

What is a Guitar Amp Cord?

Amp cords for guitars are used to connect a guitar with an amp. A guitar amplifier is an electronic device that amplifies an electronically signal from acoustic, electric or bass guitars to a speaker. 

The guitar amp cord is the key for good sound for guitar players and needs to be of high quality and good vibrations to deliver the sound.  Most used cases are electric guitar amp cords which transport the electric signal to the sound speaker.

5 Important Things to consider when buying a Amp Cord

  1. Your amp cord guitar should be long enough to connect your guitar with the amplifier. Means when you buy a cord which is not long enough you will have problems on the stage to play your style.
  2. The quality of your guitar cord should be high. There are a lot of cheap cords in the market but consider buying a cord for 10-15 $ should be your goal. Why? The cord will live longer and your guitar sound will improve drastically. Having not many cable breakage will make you very happy.
  3. An electric guitar amp cord should be shielded by copper or gold. This coverage shield will improve the sound quality and reduce the loss of sound when playing your guitars.
  4. Your guitar amplifier cord should be flexible and easy to transport. If a cord is not flexible and hard to pack it is not much fun over long time. Buy a cord that is stretchable trust me!
  5. Have a low picofarad rating to gain the best sound for your guitar. Some guitar amp cords have a high rating in picofarad which make them sound different to other guitars. Try and test to buy a cord which has a low picofarad rating.

Best Guitar Amp Cord Comparison

I tested over 10 guitar amp cords the last 4 months (…now I will have enough for the next 5 years.)  and came up with MY TOP 3 as I think they have the best quality and sound for my Gibson Guitar.

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  • Kirlin Premium Plus Cord

  • 292 Review(s)

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  • The Kirlin Premium Plus Instrument Cord is a great guitar amp cord with a straight right angle connector, free-copper conductors a 95% shield and a good lifetime warranty.
  • Quality wise all three amp cords are great and have a very good quality. I think the Kirlin and the GLS have got a bit better quality than the Fendler as they have extra shields. The Kirlin feels best and has also a Straight to Right Angle 1/4" metal connector which makes it different to the other two. I love these right angle connectors they can be very useful.
  • Here it comes to the difference why I think the Kirlin is the best Amp Cord. My Gibson Guitar sounded so much clearer with this cord compared to the other two cords. It is just a subjective opinion and you have to test it with your guitar, but try the Kirlin Guitar Cord.
  • Very good: OFC Braided shielding with 95% coverage
  • Very Flexible
  • 10-20 Feet
  • $11.47
Fendler Guitar Amp Cord
  • Fender Performance Guitar Cable

  • 424 Review(s)

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  • I think the Fendler Guitar Amp Cord does not need any introduction, its one of the most used ones in my guitar communities. Best in class, with a good shield and great connectors.
  • The connectors of the Fendler guitar amp cord looking great and they have a high quality. Also the cable is coated very well and has got shields. All in all also a high quality compared to cheap amp cords.
  • The Fender Cord has also a great acoustic but it sounds a bit deep and not that clear than the Kirlin. Still if you want to have deep sounds with your bass guitar the fender could be the right choice.
  • Copper Shield: Commercial-grade connectors with 90% copper coverage shield
  • Flexible, but not as good as the Kirlin
  • 10Feet
  • $15.99
GLS Guitar Cord
  • GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

  • 220 Review(s)

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  • GLS Audio Guitar Cords are great and a lot of electric guitar players work with this brand. Unique cloth jackets , a great shielding and good connectors make these cords a great choice for electric guitar players.
  • With a Braided Tweed Cloth Jacket the GLS cord is unique and has got a high quality. Also the connectors are highly worked on but no right ankle. The unique quality of the GLS is that it has only 38 Picofarads Per Foot that is the lowest in my test. Therefore you should try the GLS and look if the low Picofarad brings you a great sound.
  • The GLS Cord has got a good sound as well. It has a deep and clear sound I couldn't find any different between the GLS and the Fender. Both have a clear and deep sound with my guitar.
  • Great Shielded: OFC Insulator Shield & Conductive PVC Shield
  • Very Flexible
  • 20 Feet
  • $12.99

The best Guitar Amp Cord is...

Is in my test the Kirlin Premium Plus AMP Cord as it has for my guitar the best acoustic, a great quality and a good shielding. I love the flexibility of this cord and hope it will have a long lifetime. Nevertheless you have a warranty of 12 months on this cord and you can easy replace it if its break.

best guitar amp cord
best guitar amp cords

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